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There are several sections on our website that are free to access,

no subscription required.  We invite you to check them out

and get to know Samdhaana Yoga!



Class of the Week: A free video class for you to enjoy at home and get familiar with Samdhaana Yoga. 

samdhaana yoga learn the poses

Learning the Poses: These short videos will explain and demonstrate some of the poses we use frequently in our yoga classes. If you're brand new to yoga, this will help you feel more comfortable trying a yoga class.


samdhaana wake up with Melody

Wake Up with Melody: Join Melody and some of our Sacred Space friends for theses quick yoga sequences that will help you start your day feeling calm, centered and energized. 


samdhaana yoga creative mini sequences

Creative Mini Sequences: Yoga teachers, these short videos will give you some fresh ideas to help you create energetically balanced sequences to incorporate into your classes. 

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