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Samdhaana Yoga, Come Feel the Difference

Samdhaana Yoga is a practice of healing patterns of movement designed to soothe and strengthen the subtle body and attend to the varying energies that exist in the body. It is offered in formats for beginners, foundations, basic vinyasa, power vinyasa and restorative.

The beautiful thing about our website and about Samdhaana Yoga that separates it from other online yoga is that each format builds to the next, making it an excellent way to begin your yoga journey and move forward, if you wish, to longer and more intricate patterns of movement, as well as to address more poses. It is also a fantastic way to continue your practice with 60 to 90-minute classes that are creative and thoughtfully planned.

Samdhaana Yoga is built precept upon precept, incorporating set principles to direct the flow of the practice, offering practitioners both familiar terrain and challenging new territory as they make their way from beginners to the more advanced classes.

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