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Samdhaana Yoga®, a practice of healing 

What sets Samdhaana Yoga® apart from other types of yoga is its attention to energetic bodies and patterns of movement. At the heart of Samdhaana is the choreography of patterns of movement that directs and guides the flow of energy through the body. That flow of energy is powerful, promoting healing by restoring balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Working toward that balance also creates space, a sacred space that allows for deep reflection, inner development, a sense of peace, and, for those seeking it, spiritual growth.

This choreography requires the creation of sequences that attend to the spine, as well as patterns of movement on the mat, both in linear and in rotational formulas, in order to provide optimal feel in the practice and thereby sooth the subtle body. Using mimicking poses that incorporate floor poses with standing poses to address the seven basic openings of the body allows the body to open softly and creates space for deeper energetic work. Sequences are created in an order that supports one another, utilizing movements that strengthen our center point and movements that set our center point, bringing an awareness of the DanTiem and how to contract and expand from our place of center to better direct the flow of prana in our yoga poses, with an awareness of directional movement of the five vayus (pathways) of prana. Samdhaana Yoga® is a conduit for these principles.


  • Based on principles of Balance and Symmetry for the movement of the practice, Samdhaana Yoga® brings balance to the energetic bodies. With the belief that our energetic bodies, or subtle body, govern the physical body, balancing the subtle body is a way of maintaining health and strength in the physical body.
  • Samdhaana Yoga® acknowledges and adheres to the great powers above and below, heaven and earth, and addresses them in class to bring about awareness of these great sources for the strengthening of center point for the purpose of balance both on and off the mat.
  • Samdhaana Yoga® is a heart directed, born of the body practice. It is a practice that has been designed by the desired movement of the body and then written for the purpose of sharing these desired movements in a class format or a practice. Through mini-sequences that have been discovered on the mat and are now being shared with others, the feel, knowing and understanding of the subtle body is adhered to and continued balanced movement is understood at a much more rapid pace.
  • Samdhaana Yoga® can be delivered in either linear or mandala format because it is the balance and symmetry of the practice that make it healing to the subtle body. However, it is most often taught and written in mandala format, as the mandala itself offers many aspects of healing. Samdhaana Yoga® sets forth basic principles for the mandala format, which also follow the guidelines of Balance and Symmetry.
  • Samdhaana Yoga® sequences are multi-layered with poses that share complementary lines of energy. The sequences contain active passive sectioning, incorporating floor work throughout the practice by mimicking like postures from floor to standing and standing to floor, allowing one to maintain integrity throughout the practice. This method subtly engages the lines of energy that support the poses and moves the body forward in the practice with greater ease and depth. 


Melody White,

Founder of Samdhaana Yoga®

Melody White
Coming to 
Self. For me, Yoga is a must. I have been practicing since 1999 and have immersed myself in all aspects of yoga. I came to my mat to find physical relief from the pain of multiple chronic illnesses and, in the process, I found myself. Lost in the world of 24/7, this moving meditation brought peace to my spirit, strength to my soul, and the beauty of coming to self. From this understanding, I was moved to share the awakening given me.

Training. I’ve been a Yoga Alliance certified teacher since 2007, and trained under the direction of Dolly Starvos, owner of Asmi Yoga Studio in Bend, Oregon. I’ve taught at a number of yoga studios in the Charlotte, NC area, and was Director of Yoga for the Harris YMCA and Harris Express, with a membership of more than 60,000. In that role, I helped to create Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Based Foundations, Yin, Deep Stretch, Senior Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga programs, all of which are still running strong today and continuing to grow. Since 2009, I have been training and certifying teachers at the 200-RYT level.

Samdhaana Yoga®. Samdhaana Yoga® was born through the guidance of the eternal spirit and the direction of self. As I immersed myself more and more deeply into the yoga practice, I also studied various forms of Alternative Medicine including Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Each of these beautiful healing modalities has helped me grow in my understanding of the subtle body. Using this knowledge and understanding, I developed principles that govern the flow of the yoga practice, and trademarked them as Samdhaana Yoga®. These principles use complementary sequencing of poses, focusing on balance, symmetry and the body’s flow of energy. The remarkable synergy created by the practice of these principles can be transformative, promoting and supporting the healing and strengthening of the body, mind and spirit.

Sharing Samdhaana. It has been a most humbling and beautiful journey, as I share through Samdhaana Yoga® what has been shared with me. With the belief that each of us holds a piece of the puzzle to make the world whole, Samdhaana Yoga® is the piece I have been given the great opportunity to share.

Sacred Space. Opening Sacred Space was the next step in my yoga journey. I grew up in this beautiful town of Mount Airy; it is part of my root system. I left at 18 and traveled, living in numerous states, cities and townships, each of which provided a place for self-development. After 30 years of travel and growth, I returned to the town, the souls and the ground that built me. It is with a heart of gratitude that I experience this full circle aspect of my life. It’s a blessing to share Samdhaana Yoga® and its amazing benefits with so many of you, and to do so in a space that truly feels to all souls who enter, a Sacred Space.

The Greatness Within. Sharing the yoga experience brings me infinite delight, as I am privileged to witness in each student the greatness that lies within. From them I have gained knowledge and the opportunity to perpetuate forward the ascension of my own heart. To each I am eternally grateful.

Samdhaana Expands. Our Samdhaana Yoga® community continues to grow here in Mount Airy and beyond. Samdhaana is expanding into other studios across the country, as we share our Samdhaana Teacher Training Curriculum with approved studios and instructors, who will in turn train and certify more teachers in Samdhaana Yoga® at the 200-RYT level.

Sacred Space Online. I’m excited to have the opportunity to make Samdhaana classes accessible worldwide, and to provide additional resources and information for those participating in Samdhaana Yoga ®teacher training, as well as written classes and resources for yoga teachers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my personal journey. I hope it will encourage you to experience the transformative benefits of Samdhaana Yoga® for yourself. - Melody 

  • 2007 Earned Certification Yoga Alliance 200-RYT Teacher
  • 2009 Earned E-RYT (1,000 hours of teaching experience); began training & certifying 200-RYT teachers
  • Earned E-RYT 500 Kundalini Yoga & Ayurveda, 9,000 hours of teaching experience
  • Additional studies in various forms of Alternative Medicine including Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda
  • Director of Yoga, Harris YMCA & Harris Express (60,000+ members); helped create Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Based Foundations, Yin, Deep Stretch, Senior Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga Programs
  • Developed Samdhaana Yoga®, principles that guide the movement of the yoga practice, trademarked in 2011
  • Created Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training curriculum and currently train and certify Samdhaana Yoga® teachers at the 200-RYT level
  • 2013 Opened Sacred Space, Mount Airy, NC
  • 2017 Sacred Space Online launches
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