The Big Book of Yoga Sequences

$ 29.95



In The Big Book of Yoga Sequences, Master Sequencer Melody White shares the Fundamental Formula that allows you to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it; Categorizes postures into manageable mini sequences that you will use over and over to create innovative classes; and shares with you the principles of rotation and aspects of guiding and directing energy to create patterns of movement using the mini sequences provided. Includes over 100 written mini sequences and 11 full written classes using those sequences. The sequences are extremely detailed, with all transitions included. This is not your typical pick-a-posture, pick-a-posture, now you’ve got a sequence. There’s no order or rhyme or reason to that. Instead, this book helps you understand the order of things, gives you the formula and principles to create any type of class you want. You can create a class suitable for beginners, you can create a class with ten peak postures in it, you can have a single sequence with multiple peak postures in it, the sky's the limit! (133 pages)