Online Workshops

Welcome! Our online workshops are suitable for all, no prior yoga experience is required.

Each workshop includes a series of videos. Some workshops also include a handout with related information. Depending on the workshop, the videos share breathing techniques, restorative poses, gentle movements, and related yoga classes.

With the exception of the Yoga for a Healthy Back Workshop, which is available separately ($35 for one year of access), all of the workshops are included* with your monthly subscription to our Online Classes for just $19.95. Click below to get started!


Our Homebound Series is FREE for all.

Disclaimer: The information shared in these workshops is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Rather, it is designed to promote wellness and support those with a variety of health issues to achieve a greater sense of well-being. 

Decreasing Anxiety & Lifting the Weight of Depression Workshop

There is an epidemic of stress, and along with it, anxiety and depression. Different people are affected by stress in different ways. Stress tends to exacerbate our natural tendencies, throwing us farther and farther from center. Reducing stress requires us to find ways to restore our emotional balance, to come back to center. What helps one person reduce stress may not work for someone else. For that reason, the videos in this Workshop are divided into 2 parts. The videos in Part 1 are generally more supportive to those with anxiety, while the videos in Part 2 are generally more supportive to those with depression.

Reducing Stress & Inflammation for those with Autoimmune Illnesses

We are so excited to share this very special workshop. It includes a series of 9 short videos (ranging from 5 to 23 minutes), 5 full classes (ranging from 30 minutes to about one hour), and a handout, all of which share understandings that are supportive to those who are seeking relief from the stress, inflammation and pain of autoimmune illnesses. In this series, learn what's happening to your body when you stay in a state of "high alert," where your body is unable to heal, and how to reset your default button back to a natural healing state where you can thrive again. This series is also beneficial for anyone who is under constant stress, even those who do not have autoimmune illnesses.  

 Yoga for a Healthy Back Workshop

Back pain is an enormous problem for so many people. With so much time spent at our computers, our desks, in our cars, and at other sedentary activities, our spines often do not get the movement needed to stay supple and pain-free. For others, back pain can be the result of physical labor, especially when it involves repetitive motions. The healthcare community generally recommends four types of primary movements to keep the back healthy – back flexion, back extension, hip circles, and lateral flexion of the spine. In Samdhaana Yoga®, we add a 5th primary movement, gentle twists. The good news is that doing these 5 primary movements on a daily basis can go a long way toward helping to alleviate or prevent back pain for many people. 

The Homebound Series (free)

For those with recovering from injuries or illnesses, those with limited mobility, and those confined due to anxiety, depression or any other issue, this series of videos will help you begin the healing process with breathing, chanting, gentle movement and more. 



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