Decreasing Anxiety & Lifting the Weight of Depression

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There is an epidemic of stress, and along with it, anxiety and depression. Different people are affected by stress in different ways. Stress tends to exacerbate our natural tendencies, throwing us farther and farther from center. Reducing stress requires us to find ways to restore our emotional balance, to come back to center. What helps one person reduce stress may not work for someone else. For that reason, the videos in this Workshop are divided into 2 parts. The videos in Part 1 are generally more supportive to those with anxiety, while the videos in Part 2 are generally more supportive to those with depression. 

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Part 1: Anxiety

Decreasing Anxiety & Lifting Depression

Decreasing Anxiety 1

Decreasing Anxiety 2

Decreasing Anxiety 3

Decreasing Anxiety 4

Restorative Class 21

Restorative Class 29

Part 2: Depression

Lifting Depression 1

Lifting Depression 2

Restorative Class 23

Restorative Class 27

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