Part 2: Depression

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Those who are inward-focused and often struggle to summon enough energy to get through the day, tend to be very calm and grounded and a little bit of stress doesn’t shake them in the least. For you, stress builds slowly and cumulatively and you eventually experience it as a tremendous weight that pulls you down. Stress is more likely to make you feel depressed rather than anxious. Like water and earth, you are drawn ever downward when under stress, and it can seem almost impossible to lift yourself up, either physically or emotionally. For you, movement is an essential part of reducing stress and depression; it forces you out of inertia, gets energy flowing, and allows you to begin releasing the weight of the stress you are carrying. Along with movement, heart facing downward poses may be particularly helpful because your heart is so strongly connected to the earth. The following videos are generally most supportive to people who fall into this category. 

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