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What to Expect from a Samdhaana Yoga Class

In typical exercise classes, students often rush in, work up a sweat for an hour, and then dash off to their next activity. Samdhaana Yoga is a whole different experience. While a big part of Samdhaana involves physical poses and movement, there is so much more to it.

  • Information – In all of our classes, but particularly in our Foundations classes, we take the time to talk about all aspects of the yoga practice; to explain proper alignment and the subtleties of each pose; to understand the importance of breathing; to modify poses for people who may have knee, hip or other structural issues; and to answer questions.
  • Breathwork (pranayama) – Our breath is our life force. Learning to focus on the breath and move with the breath has tremendous benefits including reducing stress, calming the mind, energizing the body, and promoting healing and good health.
  • Attending the Spine – Classes begin with gentle movement of the spine in all directions. Warming up the spine in this careful manner promotes strength and balance, and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Opening the Body - There are 7 elements to opening the body. Most of our classes will cover 5-7 elements, while our one hour classes will cover 2-3 elements.
  • Meditation – In meditation, we might draw our attention to our breath or to guided imagery, detaching from the external world and from our conscious thoughts. Like breathwork, meditation reduces stress, calms the mind, and helps one feel centered.
  • Savasana (corpse pose) – We close out our classes with Savasana, lying on the mat in a comfortable relaxed state, allowing for a calming transition from the active part of the practice back to the rest of day’s activities.

For all of these reasons, most of our Samdhaana Yoga classes are an hour and a half long. However, we also offer some one hour classes because we recognize that not everyone has the time for a longer class. Either way, we promise your time at Sacred Space will be time well spent!

Please note that Samdhaana Yoga classes are always about YOU. You are always free to opt out of any pose or part of the practice that is not right for you for any reason.

Class Descriptions

Yoga for Beginners: Our Yoga for Beginners is a class for learning the fundamental aspects of the yoga practice. With over 900 poses in the yoga practices, it can be daunting to know where and how to begin. Our Yoga for Beginners breaks down the poses to include in each class a focus on 2 to 3 basic standing postures with an associated balance pose and complementary floorwork to accompany it, and varying breathing techniques. This is a great class for starting your yoga journey.

Foundations: Our Foundations class is a practice of the poses, focusing on the foundational aspects of each pose and overall alignment, both physically and energetically. The goal of the class is to help you find your comfortable seat in each posture. The class is not a flowing or vinyasa based practice, but is sequenced with complementary standing and floor poses. Classes include movement, deep stretch, as well as restorative aspects. Suitable for everyone.

Samdhaana Basic Vinyasa: Samdhaana Basic Vinyasa is a class designed to introduce the vinyasa practice amid basic poses. A vinyasa yoga practice is a practice of fluidic movement between postures, guided by and linked through breath. The class is best suited for those having a basic knowledge of the asana practice or poses. A great precursor to this is our Foundations Class.

Samdhaana Power Vinyasa: Samdhaana Power Vinyasa is a more vigorous class than the Basic Vinyasa, linking stronger poses and stronger sequences. The class is designed to carry the intermediate to advanced practitioner through a series of poses and sequences that allow for peak postures to be taken, when desired. It is a practice designed for strengthening the body, both internally and externally. There is both strong movement and states of stillness in this practice, as it incorporates the mimicking of floor to standing poses, and standing to floor poses to enhance and strengthen a desired peak pose or source of energy. This class is best suited for those with a basic knowledge of the poses and a vinyasa practice. A great precursor to this class is Samdhaana Basic Vinyasa.

Renew and Restore: Our Renew and Restore Yoga class is made up of restorative and deep stretch postures using props, blankets, straps and sandbags. The practice is done staying close to the earth and incorporates varying breathing techniques and light meditation. This class is a great complement to some of our more active forms of the yoga practice and for those who participate in more active forms of exercise such as running or cycling. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Dudes' Yoga (Yoga for Men): This four class series specifically addresses movements that support lengthening the hamstrings, opening the hips and increasing rotation. Suitable for beginners.

Note: Our schedule may change from time to time and some classes may not be available at all times.

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