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Online Yoga Class Subscription 

When you subscribe to our Online Yoga Classes, you have unlimited access to our yoga classes. A monthly subscription is just $19.95 and you may cancel anytime.  

Online Workshops

Our online workshops are generally suitable for all, no prior yoga experience required. The cost for each workshop is a one time payment of $49.95, which provides you with 6 months of access to all of the videos included in that particular workshop. (NOTE: Our Yoga for a Healthy Back Workshop is free!)

The Big Book Video Series

This video series is the perfect complement to our downloadable The Big Book of Yoga Sequences. It includes more than 70 sequencing tutorials, plus full access to our online studio! It's only $19.95 per month or purchase a 3 month subscription for $89 and you'll get The Big Book of Yoga Sequences for free!

The Art of Sequencing CEU Workshops for Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teachers

The Art of Sequencing Workshop, available in 3 separate modules (or as one package) is the ultimate step-by-step workshop for sequencing. From simple linear sequences to complex mandalas, you'll learn the formula and principles that guide rotation on the mat, allowing you to create masterful classes that guide and direct both physical movement and energy. 

Master Sequencer Delivered

Get an inspired new yoga sequence delivered right to your inbox each month! You'll get the written sequence along with a video of the sequence. This is where Melody shares all of her innovative patterns of movement - a place that's ever growing and evolving. The videos are free to all, however the written sequences are available exclusively (and at no cost) to those who have trained with Melody (contact us to start receiving your monthly sequences). 


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