Level 2: Master Sequencing

Master Sequencing is for the more experienced teacher who is looking for new and innovative ways to create sequences and classes. It includes our Build-a-Class with Melody and full access to Online Studio.


Sign up for one year of access and 10 CEUs for a one time payment of $299,

or try out Master Sequencing with a monthly subscription for just $29.95 per month (you may cancel anytime).


Build a Class

Melody shares a written class each month and goes to the whiteboard (and sometimes the mat) and breaks down a class she's created, sharing creative and innovative ways to sequence your yoga classes using patterns of movement that are energetically directed and healing to the subtle body. 

Online Classes 

Our online classes demonstrate how the concepts shown in the sequencing tutorials work in full classes that are suitable for any level. Practicing with our classes will allow you to feel the movement and experience how these patterns of movement play out.  It is the most effective way to transition from learning the understandings to sharing the understandings. 

Soul Guides

You may also join us on our private Facebook group, Soul Guides

If you're looking for a more comprehensive step-by-step guide to sequencing, it may be helpful to first take our online Art of Sequencing Workshop.  The Workshop walks you through the sequencing tutorials; provides additional instructional videos; and includes written resources that support what you're learning, along with a multitude of written mini sequences, the building blocks for creating classes, as well as full written classes. 

Our site is mobile-friendly, so you can access your subscription and watch our videos from your phone, tablet, or other device. 

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