A Letter from Melody's Heart on the Eve of Teacher Training Graduation

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Hey Yoga Chicks and Roosters!

You guys have done a beautiful job following your homework guide this past year, and the in-depth reading and study you have done opens the yoga world much wider beyond what you can learn from me.

This is a fact that will continue long after this initial training. You will continue to expand and learn from study, and you will continue to learn and grow as a teacher from teaching. There are no replaceable tools to expand you as a teacher other than to start the process. Once you are in the process there are many tools to help you along and inspire you.

I know without a doubt you have the skill set to guide a yoga class and do so mindfully. I know you have learned to make adjustments on your feet to meet the demands of those sitting before you wanting to experience their first yoga class or those who are taking their thousandth class.

I know this because you are aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. You have learned well the anatomical aspect of sequencing and the energetic. You know how to warm up the spine and prepare for stronger pieces of the practice. You have learned the Fundamental Formula and understand the 5 points of orientation and how to start a class and/or a sequence from these places and how to move from one to another.

You have a very expansive understanding of the Philosophy of Yoga and how it is all relevant knowledge for sharing a yoga class. You understand the purpose of the yoga practice and the purpose of the asana practice. You are acquainted with the eight-limb path and the 10 living principles, as well as the understanding of Brahman, Atman, and Purusha. You have learned both the physical and mental constitutional make-up of the body, and how they relate to the practice, a glimpse into the 3-fold order of the soul, of life, light, and love, and basic knowledge of the 7 chakras and their relatable piece to the practice and the soul.

You have learned simple to more complex breath techniques, the value of pranayama and the 5 Vayus of Prana and how they guide and direct life force. You are aware of different types of stretching, and specific spinal cord reflex arcs that you can personally access to help in stretching. You understand the basic anatomical terms of the body and the basic terms of motion. You have learned the 7 elements of opening and how to categorize postures into open and squared hip to create mini sequences, and how to use mini sequences to create classes. You have learned the 3 principles of rotation and how to place both simple sequences and more complex sequences into these rotations and share a beautiful energetically inclined mandala practice. You have learned that there are varying levels who come to practice and how to adjust sequences to those levels.

You are now aware of the vibration of sound and the effects it has on one in a practice and how to make "sound" adjustments to go with your practice. You have learned the beauty of a moving meditation and a still meditation.

You have beautifully stepped on the mat as a guide and directed others through a practice. I am so grateful for the time I have had with each of you in this piece of your yoga journey. It is only a piece, but I believe and am confident that you have a strong foundation from which to start sharing this beautiful healing practice.

Your final piece is this. To learn the importance of stillness. Your final homework assignment is to practice restorative poses and learn to share in a practice. I have selected 3 practices for you to watch and participate in, as follows: Active Restorative/Foundations Class 34, Restorative 27, Restorative 29 and/or 21, from our restorative section; and Soul Gazing 1 in our free class section. Then prepare a short class with one, two, or more restorative poses in it. Utilize the 5 points of orientation when doing this and integrate any movements that you feel complement the stillness.


Love to all and look forward to seeing you again soon,

~ Melody

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