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Thank you again for your purchase of The Big Book of Yoga Sequences. We're excited to share a few of the videos from the complementary Big Book Video Series. Enjoy!


Attending the Spine Sequence C

Duration: Approximately 12 minutes


Open Hip Mini Sequence A: this is a basic mandala tutorial

Duration: Approximately 10 minutes


Mandala Series #5: this is a full Rotational Mandala, From Top of Mat, Using the Inside of the Mandala, Working Along a Horizontal Path on the Front Side, Working Along a Vertical Path Along the Back Side, Creating a Sphere Around the Body for Optimal Centering, Additional Mandala Working Vertically on the Front and Horizontally on the Back

Duration: Approximately 17 minutes


Infinity Patterns #3: this video introduces the 5 Points of Orientation and shares a basic infinity pattern done in two halves that is suitable for beginners, but can easily be used for any type of class, and is a supportive Attending the Spine series.

Duration: Approximately 10 minutes

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