Written Classes for Yoga Teachers

We have an ever-growing library of written classes for you to teach. Each one is masterfully sequenced and carefully detailed so you can shine each time you teach a class.  

You know all too well how much time and effort it takes to create an outstanding class. Sometimes you just don’t have as much time as you’d like to prepare and sometimes you’d like some fresh ideas or new sources of inspiration. If you’re a new teacher, it can be reassuring to focus just on teaching at first, without worrying about creating a class as well.

Each of these exceptional classes was created, written and taught by Melody White. They are detailed and easy to follow, and each also includes a suggested Sutra. Some of these classes have been filmed in their entirety and are available to watch (and practice) on our Online Yoga Classes page. Some of them have been featured as a Class of the Week, providing a quick tutorial on teaching the class.

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