Master Classes

Welcome! Thank you for joining us to experience the power of working with the subtle body in the yoga practice.



 Class Description: A simple infinity pattern done in halves to address Attending the Spine through poses that stay close to the earth.

Duration: Approximately 21 minutes



Class Description: A yummy full rotational mandala created with an infinity loop; this luxurious sequence leaves you feeling elongated and harmonized with special attention to the line of brahma sutra and extra attention to side body length

Duration: Approximately 42 minutes



Class Description: A Power Vinyasa Class that opens with a Pigeon twist mandala done in half vertical arcs and accompanied by Half Moon and standing Tree; followed by two full halves with an open hip series that includes Side Angle, Scandasana, Twist, Revolved Side Angle, Big Toe Posture 1st and 2nd variations, Triangle and Figure Four; then a squared hip series leading to standing balances of Warrior 3 to Figure Four; followed by Seal and Camel with a short floor series on the back to Savasana.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour


If you'd like to learn more about directing energy and working with the subtle body, please click below to learn about our Master Sequencer Program. Thank you for spending some time with us!


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