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When you subscribe to Master Sequencer Delivered, each month you'll receive a written sequence, like the one below, delivered right to your inbox, along with a link to watch the sequence on video.  This sample sequence is from our Crossover Series featuring Eagle Pose. Crossover patterns support the harmonizing of our energies, helping left and right sides to communicate well.  The sequences that are part of our Crossover Series can be used in many places in your classes towards the beginning, middle, or end.


Creative Mini Sequence 11 

Tabletop – Thread the Needle to the right – hold – tabletop – down dog (dd) – walk hands back – forward fold (ff) – twist to right – ff – rise – Eagle to Half Moon standing on left leg – Grounded Airplane – ff – Hindi Squat (Malasana) with a twist and option to bind – Hindi Squat with chin down – ff – rise – hands to heart center – Tadasana (Mountain Pose) – hold – hands to heart center – swan dive – ff – walk hands forward – drop knees down – sit back on heels – Vajrasana – downward pranic breaths 2x – hands to heart center – pounce – tabletop with Lions Breath, 1x – tabletop

Repeat Other Side

Duration of Video: Approximately 8 minutes



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