Welcome to Your Sneak Peek of The Big Book of Yoga Sequences!

In The Big Book, this is labeled as Vinyasa Flow Class 47. In our online studio, it is actually 3 separate classes, as you will see below. It is one of our 3-in-one classes and showcases the use of the Infinity Pattern and Principle One of Rotation, and how they can be used to reach multiple level practitioners. Enjoy!


  • Gentle Beginner Class 6: Class starts standing and moves to an infinity pattern to gently stretch and open the energetic lines of the body; class has a focus on lengthening the vertical line of brahma sutra and also releasing foreign and unwanted energy from this area.
  • Foundations Class 40Class starts the same as above (Gentle Beginner Class 6) and then class moves to stronger flow with Sun A’s, a focus on back extension with Locust, Seal and Bridge, then closes with a short twist series and ten minutes of restorative with Restorative Child and Belly on the Bolster.
  • Vinyasa Flow Class 47Class contains all of Foundations Class 40 above; then moves to a standing full rotational mandala of twists and open hip sequences before coming back to the floor to close out the class with Plow or Leg Up the Wall and Shoulder Stand to Savasana.


Gentle Beginner Class 6 (Duration: Approximately 29 minutes)




Foundations Class 40 (Duration: Approximately 1 hour 7 minutes)




Vinyasa Flow Class 47 (Duration: Approximately 1 hour 38 minutes)




Thank you for joining us for this exclusive sneak peek!

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