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Creative Mini Sequence 10: This is a complex sequence using a standing horizontal rotation on the front with a double infinity loop to bring it to completion then repeating to the other side. This written mini sequence is shown below. 

Duration: Approximately 9 minutes 

Down dog (dd) - right leg 3pt - Runners Lunge - Vira 2 - hold - Modified Side Angle - hold - pivot 1/4 turn to left - wide leg fold - Scandasana on right side - wide leg fold - twist to left - wide leg fold - pivot 1/4 turn to left - Runners Lunge (facing the back) - left foot steps on top of right for right Side Plank - hold - lower lifted hand - push back dd - roll forward to Plank - move thru vinyasa - dd

dd - lower knees to mat - shift feet to left, lean on right hip and swing legs around, shift hips to center of mat and come onto back - extend body out long, with arms overhead - stretching fingertip to toe tip as you inhale and then exhale pushing the energy off the midline and repeat 5x - ending with hands by the side - then left knee bends, followed by right - knees into chest for a squeeze - feet to floor - hips shift to right, knees into chest and over to the left for a twist - hold - then roll over to left side through fetal position - to active Child - tabletop

tabletop - Gate Posture with left leg extended out to side - hold - then hands to floor - left leg extended out behind you, with foot flexed - pull in for Cheetah, toes pointed - repeat 5x - then hold on extension and add right arm for - Spinal Balance - hold - then right hand down, left knee down - tabletop

tabletop - shift feet to left, lean on right hip and swing legs around, shift to center of mat for - Dandasana, Seated Staff Pose - then take rolling folds 3x - to seated ff - hold - then left up Dandasana - bend knees and take roll ups 5x - jump or step back - vinyasa - dd

dd - lower knees to mat - sit back on heels - Vajrasana - downward pranic breath 2x - hands to heart center - then tabletop - Lion's Breath - tabletop - dd




Master Class Description: A Power Vinyasa Class that opens with a Pigeon twist mandala done in half vertical arcs and accompanied by Half Moon and standing Tree; followed by two full halves with an open hip series that includes Side Angle, Scandasana, Twist, Revolved Side Angle, Big Toe Posture 1st and 2nd variations, Triangle and Figure Four; then a squared hip series leading to standing balances of Warrior 3 to Figure Four; followed by Seal and Camel with a short floor series on the back to Savasana.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour



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