...I can't believe how amazing it felt...

For almost two years, I haven't been able to practice Vinyasa or Power classes, which is what I'd always done in the past, due to the severe joint pain and other neurological symptoms I have from Lyme Disease. I think the most "flow" yoga I've done has been limited to 30 minutes, and even that tired me to the point of exhaustion.

But this weekend, I was able to make it through a 2-hour Power Samdhaana class! I can't believe how amazing it felt, how it lifted my energy, and how great it felt to my joints. Right when I felt like I was at what I'd formally call my "breaking point," you offered us the release pose, and it was just what I needed...it gave me the time to reset my energy and be able to pick back up with everyone else. For the first time in a long time, I felt like ME again. Thank you! - M.D.

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