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samdhaana yoga breathing techniques

Ujjayi Breath (also known as Oceanic Breath and translated as “victorious breath”) is a breath technique to help release irritation and frustration, calm the mind and body, and provide a balancing influence on the entire cardiorespiratory system. It is both an energizing and stabilizing breath utilized to decompress rising energy and strengthen or raise energy for those who tend to operate in lower frequencies. The ujjayi breath encourages the flow of prana (life force), builds internal body heat, relieves tension, increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, regulates blood pressure, helps tone the vagus nerve thereby helping to reduce inflammation, detoxifies mind and body, increases feelings of presence and self-awareness, and establishes a rhythmic pattern for moving through a yoga practice. This video explains and demonstrates Ujjayi Breath. You may also review written instructions here. If you are already familiar with it, you may wish to view the video below (Do Ujjayi Breath) instead.

Duration: Approximately 10 minutes

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